Tanya Burdett

tanyaburdett.jpg DSC07043.JPGTB2.jpgTanya has been advising clients on strategic planning, environmental management, and community engagement strategies for over 23 years.  Her advice has contributed directly to successful policy and project outcomes for both government and private sector clients. 
Tanya’s commitment to environmental and social planning principles as a core consideration alongside all other aspects of programme and project management, has led most recently to successful outcomes for:
  • Eco-towns planning policy in England
  • Implementation of the Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive in the UK
  • Timely delivery of sustainability appraisal for new high-speed rail (known as HS2) in the UK.

In Australia Tanya actively works for various water, transport, energy and urban development clients to improve sustainability of their policies, plans, programmes and projects.

In early 2018 Tanya commenced a PhD at the University of Melbourne, looking at the role that SEA can play in improving consideration of alternatives at the strategic level, and in engaging communities more effectively through doing so.

With a Masters in Environmental Studies and Bachelor of Applied Science in Planning, Tanya brings together an in-depth knowledge of land use, spatial planning, environmental management and public participation disciplines.  She has worked on over 150 projects in the private/public sector, and has managed several large multi-disciplinary projects in the UK and on overseas development aid projects, in the following sectors:
  • Urban development and planning
  • Recreation
  • Water supply and sanitation
  • Transport
  • Mining
  • Other industrial and infrastructure plans and projects. 
Tanya is a Registered Planner (through the Planning Institute of Australia), and a Licensed IAP2 Trainer (through the International Association for Public Participation). She is also an Associate with the Temple Group Ltd

Tanya continues to work with other organisations to improve approaches to environmental assessment and engagement. This includes close working with IEMA as an approved Training Centre. 
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