"Working in a busy office, I found the IAP2 training course really useful for focusing on the processes of engagement, and developing a meaningful conversation with stakeholders.  The course facilitator Tanya had a very engaging and professional manner, and kept the group motivated and involved throughout the process. I look forward to working with Tanya again in the future."
Maeve Egan, Local Authority, IAP2 course participant 2017
"As a community development worker, the success of my role is dependent on skills learned to successfully engage with the public and stakeholders. 
Tanya, in her excellent delivery of the IAP2 training programme, has given me the tools I require to accomplish this task with greater certainty. I would highly recommend Tanya and this programme to anyone who has a desire to be successful in civic engagement."
Brian Cunningham, Estate management worker, IAP2 course participant 2017
“The IAP2 training I did with Tanya Burdett is one of the most useful trainings I have undertaken in my career. The content of the training is well developed including the introduction of practical techniques in planning for effective community engagement and interesting case studies. Classroom discussions provide a golden chance to share experiences and lessons from other projects in the world. The training strengthened my understanding of community engagement theoretically and practically and I now use what I learnt from the training in my daily work including Resettlement Action Plan development, ethnical minority Development Plan preparation and feasibility study of development projects.”
Jun Zeng, Social Development Specialist, The World Bank, Beijing Office, IAP2 course participant 2009
“I would highly recommend IAP2 for those actively doing consultation with the public and other stakeholders. Tanya had a wealth of experience to share and the course was insightful with a lot of interaction and role playing.”
Lucy Hayward-Speight, now TfL Policy Manager, IAP2 course participant 2013

“Thanks for introducing me to IAP2. I enjoyed new learnings that I would not normally have the opportunity to, so appreciated the exposure to all these new different concepts, thinking and methods. Also great to get into a room to toss around, share, discuss and think about these concepts with others. Now to put these into practice!”
Rob Carlesso, Executive Manager Business, East Gippsland Water, IAP2 course participant 2016
“Tanya is a gifted trainer. She brings knowledge, energy, pertinent stories, and inquiry to the trainer room. She fosters discussion to augment and enhance students learning. She is a terrific asset.”
Mary Hamel, IAP2 trainer and master trainer, IAP2 - July 2010
“Tanya is is brilliant at what she does. She is passionate about public participation; well organised and a clear headed decision-maker. Her contribution, over many years, to the work of the other Directors of IAP2 UK/Ireland and to the establishment and growth of the Company ensured it received high quality professional attention when it was needed most. I have no hesitation in endorsing Tanya.”
Geoff Fagan, CEO, The CADISPA Trust - July 2010 
“Tanya has recently been licensed as a trainer to deliver the IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation. Tanya will draw on a breadth of experience in citizen engagement at the policy, planning and service delivery levels to train and develop more practitioners in the field of public participation.” Top qualities: "Personable, Expert, Good Value"
Moira Deslandes, Executive Director, IAP2 - July 2010

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