Designed especially for decision makers, a short course in public participation
IAP2's Public Participation for Decision Makers helps decision makers get the best value from a public process.  The session looks at the Foundations from a decision makers' point of view and offers a perspective on how public participation can be integrated into the overall project plan. It examines the costs and benefits of public participation, discusses involvement of the public in an organisational decision, and emphasises the importance of both the decision being made and the promise to the public about their involvement in the decision process.  Finally, the session provides an overview of what the decision maker should know about the public participation practitioner's role.  
At the conclusion of this course, decision makers will have learned: 
  • How public participation ties into their decision-making process
  • When and why to have the public participate in their decisions
  • The decision maker's unique role and commitment
  • Key concepts that must be considered to be effective when involving others.

This course can be delivered as a half to one-day session with start and finish times to suit the client. Price on application - contact us to find out more. 

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