Essential Planning Ltd is an independent consultancy providing environmental and social planning advice to a range of clients throughout Europe, the Middle East and Australasia including:approvedconsultants.jpg

  • private and public sector organisations
  • utility companies and regulators
  • private sector developers
  • infrastructure providers including energy and transport sector organisations
  • non-government organisations and community groups
  • other consultancies

approvedconsultants.jpgWe believe that understanding and planning effectively for the environmental and social aspects of a project or policy initiative is as critical to its success as other design or business drivers.  We work with architects, engineers, economic advisers, technical experts, and other specialists where needed, to ensure well-rounded advice to clients.

Proud members of a wide range of professional bodies and associations, we make a point of sharing our experience and regularly attend, present, and deliver training at international conferences. We are engaged in sustainable development debates at all levels.

Memberships and associated Codes of Practice/Conduct which we work to include:

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Company registered in England and Wales, Reg No 5023852